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Drone Public Liability Insurance -  The insurance coverage that all owners and operators of Drones must have

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We don’t simply offer insurance. We’re all about the before and after – helping our customers to protect and prevent against the ”what ifs” and being there support if anything goes wrong.

In Cyprus, drone regulations are governed by the Department of Civil Aviation and are aligned with the European Union’s standards. Here are some key points regarding drone insurance and government regulations:

  • Common European Rules: As of December 31, 2020, common European rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) came into effect, focusing on safety, privacy, environmental protection, noise reduction, and security.
  • Registration and Training: Drone operators must register and may need to complete online training and examinations to receive a Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • Operational Categories: There are three categories of drone operations: “Open”, “Specific”, and “Certified”, each with different requirements.
  • Permits for Medium-Risk Drones: Drones weighing between 4 and 25 kilograms require a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Cyprus before flying, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and covering liability insurance in case of accidents.
  • Class Identification Label: From January 1, 2024, drones in the EU must have a Class Identification Label, categorizing drones based on weight, capability, and risk.

For detailed information and to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, it’s recommended to consult the official Department of Civil Aviation website or contact them directly.


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