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Employer's Liability Insurance -  The insurance coverage that all workplaces must have

Employers' liability insurance safeguards businesses against legal and compensation expenses from employee claims. It's a key type of insurance, because if one of your employees falls ill or sustains an injury in the context of the work they do for you, you could be held liable.

Public Liability Insurance Requirements in Cyprus:

In the Republic of Cyprus, the mandate for public liability insurance varies depending on the nature of the business and its engagement with the public. While not universally obligatory by statute, public liability insurance is strongly advised for entities that regularly interact with clients, vendors, or the general public. This form of insurance is instrumental in providing defense and coverage against claims of personal injury or property damage.

Certain sectors, professional practices, or contractual agreements may stipulate the necessity for public liability insurance. To ascertain the precise legal obligations pertinent to your business, it is prudent to seek counsel from a qualified legal or insurance expert within Cyprus. This will ensure compliance with any industry-specific regulations and safeguard your business interests.

Mandatory Employer Liability Insurance in Cyprus

In accordance with Cypriot legislation, specifically Law 174 / 1989, it is incumbent upon employers to procure employer liability insurance. This legal provision ensures that employers maintain a minimum coverage limit of €160,000 for each incident of accident or illness affecting an employee. The enactment of this mandate underscores the importance of safeguarding both the workforce and the enterprise from the financial implications associated with occupational hazards. Employers are advised to engage with insurance specialists to ascertain that their coverage aligns with the statutory requirements and adequately addresses the needs of their business operations.

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