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What is Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Employers’ Liability Insurance safeguards your business and you, as a business, from claims made by representatives. It guarantees that assuming a representative is harmed or turns out to be sick because of their work, you can take care of the expense of remuneration, as well as legitimate charges that you might bring about.

Employers’ Liability Insurance can be important to have if there should be an occurrence of occasions like the accompanying:

  1. A representative is struck by a falling article on a structure site
  2.  A cleaner is hurt while working with a risky substance
  3. A representative slips because of a wet floor in your office

Employer liability insurance is required by law?

It is mandatory by law.

The Insurance is addressed to Employers, in accordance with the Law on Compulsory Insurance of Employers’ Liability of 1989-2014 or any Law that amends or replaces it.

What is the minimum amount of ELI my business should have?

* For each employee €160.000 

*For each incident  €3.415.000

*For each insurance period  €5.125.000

Step by step instructions to decrease your risk of a claim

  1. Set up a Health and Safety strategy
  2. Complete ordinary wellbeing and security preparing for staff individuals
  3. Establish an environment where laborers can recommend enhancements to approaches to working
  4. Comprehend and show the law on banners or pamphlets
  5. Carry out regular risk assessments, and keep records of this
    Provide PPE (and training on using and storing PPE correctly)
  6. Regularly monitor and review health and safety procedure to ensure that it is up to date
  7. Have a First Aid prepared individual from staff accessible consistently
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